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Diverse Learning Environments



At Kids Playroom Home Daycare we give a loving welcome to the babies, making them feel in a warm and cozy environment like they were in  their home. We  treat them with all the care and we  adjust to their routines and they not to ours, and I am pretty sure this is a good way to make their days easier. Helping to explore their new world is part of our daily plan. We will do different interactive activities throughout the day to help babies to use their senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching.

These activities will include: music and movement, reading stories, singing songs, tummy time, sensorial activities with hands, feeding time, making sounds and listening to different noises that call their attention.


Every moment is unique and unrepeatable, that is because we want to make kids' days super fun. When they get to this age, everything start to gain strength and that is the moment to get ready for a new adventure. We will do fun indoor and outdoor activities to keep children busy by stimulating them physically and mentally. They will learn to talk more and more, they will do arts and crafts, dancing will be part of our days, pretending play is cool, large motor activities, educational activities will be present to improve the cognitive development, socialize and sharing with other children will teach them empathy.


My experience with online preschool in 2020.

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a teacher. I even got a Bachelor degree in Accounting so I could teach high school all about numbers and bussiness, and currently persuing my Associate in Early Childhood. I found my true calling, though, as a mother I embraced my role of teaching my children. I started my own daycare 4 years ago and I reconfirmed my real passion about caring and teaching children. Because of this, I decided to invite my sister, who is a preschool spanish teacher and together created and added a new online class for Saturdays, to socialize and educate your kids in a fun way. Now, I get to teach YOUR child online! I can't wait!!

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