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Kids Playroom Home Daycare

We take care of children with love, we take care of children with responsibility.








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Our Approach

When the word CHILDCARE comes to your mind, it does have a powerful and worrying meaning, and we know about it. We go further than a standard care. For us the affection and empathy have a high importance in children' lives. That is because we put a special emphasis to see if the children under our care, are getting the enough attention and love they need to be able to pass to the next stage, which includes: physical development, cognition and language, social and self-development and creative development. We have individual and group goals and they are directed to build on the needs and interests of the children.

Kids Playroom family home daycare is ready to support you and your child in this new beginning. Let's have less overthinking and stress-free parents, let's have happy and self confident children.

What Parents Think


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