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Your Child Is in Great Hands



I have always believed, if we raise kids with love, we will be raising extraordinary human beings.​

My name is Silvia and I am from Ecuador.  Being a mom of two kids 12 and 8 years old has helped me lot to understand and learn this busy and amazing  world about how to work with children. Every day is a different adventure, full of challenges and happiness, where in a moment it can go from the most contagious laughter to a very sad crying, or from a bored and tired mood to a very creative and active mode. Looking back when I was a nanny for 7 years, I remember how comfortable I felt to be surrounded by children and making different activities, going to field trips or just staying at home and making our days fun. Is in that moment  when I realize this is my passion, this is what I want to do from now on. Since I opened Kids Playroom in 2016, I have gained more and more experience, and I use it to help busy parents to raise their kids and prepare them for school. 

Every day I try to do my best as a provider and a mom, because I am totally convinced that if we have loved and self-confidence children, all the educational and active learning, cognitive, social and emotional development will come easily as a complement.

Each day children will participate in different activities like: social, motor, verbal, music and movement, reading, playing games, singing, arts and crafts, science projects, exploring new things and more, where they will show their skills or talents depending on the age.  We will provide a secure and warm home environment with the appropriate  spaces for the joy of the kids.


Accountant and Auditing Bachellor

Associate in Early  Childhood

Red Cross Instructor

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