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Fun & Creativity

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These activities are so important for children because they will help them to support physical development, cognitive and emotional development. Kids can be so creative to use their imagination to experiment and make new projects. Paint, markers, dry sand, play dough, stickers, sticky materials, foam paint and more are waiting for them to turn into art.

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Kids have a lot of energy. They do not stop, moving here and there is part of their lives. We can help them to keep moving with some music and.... LET'S DANCE, different songs, different styles, different rhythms, and have fun. Some jumping, stretching, relaxing with soft music is good for exercising. Teaching these to children will help to have self-confidence in themselves. 



We have books for every age and interest. We have our reading together, where everybody can listen to stories, share comments and the older kids can read to the younger. We can learn and enjoy different topics by reading, helping the cognitive development to increase.

ABC Cubes



As Spanish is my first language, i will speak it to children on a daily basis and we will have special spanish activities where kids can learn the language deeply.  Being part of another culture through the languaje can be very useful for children. We will help them to understand, think and speak in spanish. Little by little you will have a bilingual kid at home.          That's cool!

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1,2,3 GO

We practice counting since they are little. We use different items to make them learn numbers and sort counters. Math is a great cognitive skill that we promote at early age.

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Outside Play


Being outside is the children's joy. We have a nice backyard, where the little ones can create moments, projects, free play and share, explore and learn new things. Running, getting hands dirty, slides, swings, sand, water, bubbles, cars, all of these are part of a child's life. Kids need to have fun, anything has to interrupt their happiness.

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